Our Science

Trailblazing the infectious disease landscape with a novel approach toward treating patients

Targeting the pathology

101 Therapeutics targets the primary drivers of the dysregulated immune system in all stages of infectious disease, using our novel therapeutic, 101-PGC-005 (‘005).


Macrophages are the immune system’s first cellular line of defense. When they encounter pathogens or dead cells, they engulf them to clear them from the body, before releasing pro-inflammatory cytokines to recruit additional macrophages as well as adaptive immune (B and T) cells.

Normally, macrophages are able to clean up the first few cells and properly recruit adaptive immune cells to more specifically target the pathogen. However, many pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 (responsible for COVID-19) are able to block macrophages’ normal functioning and prevent them from properly recruiting the adaptive immune system, leading to a pro-inflammatory feedback loop that causes chronic inflammation and even organ damage.


'005 is a highly targeted form of dexamethasone—one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories—providing all of the therapeutic benefits without any of the toxic effects. By targeting receptors exclusively found on activated macrophages, ‘005 is able to deliver dexamethasone at significantly higher doses and with higher precision, restoring the immune system’s proper function.